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Tim Heath

Director - Trouble Brewing

Project X Productions

"Marc managed the music composition and sound design team throughout the production of our short film, "Trouble Brewing". I found him to be technically proficient which gave him more time to solve the creative problems in scoring and mixing a film. I'm incredibly happy with the final mix he and his team delivered. Marc is a passionate and talented sound designer and I look forward to working with him again in the future!"



Randy Greer

  Audio Lead  

Black Star

"Working with Marc as a composer is easy. This was my third time choosing him for composition. He understood the musical and technical needs of my project, communicated openly, and worked fast while maintaining the highest standards of quality. I love having Marc as a go-to professional for any needs I have." 

Jerome Solomon

Dean of Cogswell College 

 Director of Game Design &Development

"I really liked the "weird" tones of the melody. It reminded me of the music from the Adams Family TV show.  It's just great. There is a jingle/theme in the audio that is very memorable. So, it became the startup movie for our game. With regard to working with Marc and his team members in MediaWorks, it was a true pleasure and a great experience for me."



Kegan Chau

Audio Implementer   Hangar 13

"I've worked on many projects with Marc and he was an invaluable player to have on the team. Marc was not only able to provide a quick turnaround on his responsibilities, but was always open to feedback and criticism and using that to help achieve the appropriate soundscape. He is well versed in both Sound Design and Music Production, and projects such as Trouble Brewing would have been very difficult if he had not worn multiple hats. I'd be more than happy to work with Marc again and look forward to our next project together!"

Robert Kirby

Assistant Engineer

Fantasy Studios

"Marc Rivas was one of the most dedicated interns that we've had in the Fantasy Studios internship program. He took time out of his overwhelmingly busy school and work schedule to leave a solid impact at the studio. Marc's passion for his work is unparalleled. I've seen many completed projects that Marc has had a hand in and I'm always impressed by the high level work."


Nora Ferrara writer_director DOV_edited.

Nora Ferrara


Dance of Vengeance

"I have worked with Marc on my film "Dance of Vengeance" which is an action/drama film. Those two genres require two different music styles and Marc has delivered them both equally beautiful and powerful. His music helped the film so much. Marc has an incredible intuition as Composer. Always kind, respectful, patient. I had an absolute pleasure working with him!"



"Even though we had to jet to different parts of the city, Marc was super easy to work with and very impressive. I'm looking forward to working with Marc in the future."

Irene Noguchi 

Producer/Radio Journalist



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